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Julia Lyrics is an iOS and iPad app to store and view song lyrics. It is created for professional and amateur singers who use their devices to view lyrics during performance.

1 Songs And Playlists

Songs and playlists:

  • To create a new song or playlist – press the “New song” / “New playlist” button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • To delete any song or playlist – swipe to the left.
  • To view any song or playlist – press on it.
  • You can navigate between songs by swiping left or right.

Songs sorting and searching:

  • You have 3 “Sort by” options:
    • Sort by “Title”
    • Sort by “Artist”
    • Sort by “Position”
  • To change the current Sort type press on it and choose another one from drop-down view.
  • When the “Title” or “Artist” sort type is active press the “Arrow” button to change ascending or descending order direction.
  • When the ‘Position” sort type is active long-press on any song and drag to the desired position.
  • To start searching press the “Search” text field and start typing.
  • If the “Search” text field is hidden, scroll to the top of the songs list or swipe down a little bit.

Playlist screen

  • “Selecting playlist songs:
    • To add songs to the playlist – press the “Add Songs” button.
    • To select/deselect song – tap on any song.
    • To select/deselect multiple songs – long-press on the first song and drag a finger to the bottom.
2 Edit Song 2

Editing song

  • Any existing song opens in “View” mode with hidden “Top detail view” by default.
  • Switching between “View” and “Edit” modes:
    • Press the top-left button in “Top detail view” –  book  or  square.and.pencil , depending on the currently active mode.
    • Alternatively, double-tap or long-press anywhere on the screen
  • Add attachments
    • To add an attachment – press  plus.rectangle .
    • If your attachment is .txt file you have the option to add it as an attachment or add its text as the song lyrics.
    • Press on any attachment to view it.
    • If you have more than one attachment, swipe left or right to view the next/previous attachment.
    • To delete attachment – long-press on Semibold-M (3) and press “Delete”.
  • Open Safari browser
    • To open Safari for searching lyrics on the web – press  Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 22.39.04 .
  • Edit text style
    • To edit the text style – press .
    • To change lyrics alignment – choose  text.alignleft_b  text.aligncenter_b  text.alignright_b .
    • To change lyrics font – press a .
    • To change the lyrics font size – press Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 14.21.11 .
    • To switch between title, author, and lyrics text style editing – press  .
    • To reset all text styles to default – press the “Reset text styles” button.
  • “Edit” color style:
    • To edit the text style – press eyedropper.
    • To change color drag brightness slider and choose a color on the color wheel.
    • To switch between text, background, and buttons color style editing – press Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 14.32.08 .
    • To reset all text styles to default – press the “Reset color styles” button.

Backup and restore content

  • You can turn on/off auto-backup and create a manual backup of all your content. The file .json will be created, all your songs will be exported to .txt files and all attachments will be copied to the corresponding song folder. All content will be saved to the “Julia Lyrics” folder in your iCloud and sync.
    Note: You must sign-in to your iCloud account in your device Settings before starting the backup.
  • Auto-backup
    • To enable auto-backup – turn on the auto-backup switch and enter the auto-backup file name.
    • The iCloud backup content will be updated on each change – add/delete/edit song or playlist.
      Note: When a song is deleted it will also be removed from your auto-backup content. Don’t forget to create a manual backup before deleting.
  • Manual backup
    • To start a manual backup press “Backup” and enter the backup file name.
  • Restore content
    • To restore your content press “Restore” and select your backup .json file. Missing songs will be added to the app and songs with the same name will overwrite already existed.