Lyrics Player for macOS is an app to play songs and view corresponding lyrics. It is created for professional and amateur singers who use backing tracks during performances.


Main LyricsPlayer features:

  • Play mp3 files and display saved lyrics during playback
  • Play YouTube videos
  • Add and edit song lyrics
  • Change lyrics font
  • Edit song name
  • 4 play modes: 
    • Play all
    • Stop after current
    • Repeat current
    • Repeat all
  • Crossfade, fade-in, fade-out
  • Save, load, and shuffle playlist
  • Show Player and Playlist in separate windows
  • Keyboard shortcuts for all actions
Lyrics Player
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 Player controls

To choose what should happen after the current song ends, select one of the player modes:

  • “Play all” (default) – all songs from the playlist will be played one after another.
  • “Stop” – playback will stop after the current playing song.
  • “Repeat” – the current playing song will repeat.
  • “Repeat All” – the current playlist will repeat.

To keep the LyricsPlayer window on top of all running apps press the Pin button.

To enable or disable crossfade, fade-in, fade-out effects press the corresponding button and enter the duration in seconds.

To change whether you want to see remaining or elapsed time click on the Time label.

To play / pause / stop current track press corresponding button.

To fast forward or rewind press the corresponding button.

To play the previous or next track press the corresponding buttons.

To go to the beginning of the current track double press the Stop button.

To change the player volume drag the Volume slider.

Note that the player’s hotkeys will work only if the player view is active. It becomes active automatically on the song starts and the light color border appears as an indicator. The player view becomes inactive when you click on the lyrics view or playlist view. To make it active again press somewhere on the player view.

Player Controls - Lyrics Player

Selecting files.

Press the Open button and select files or Go to Menu -> File -> Open. Alternatively, drag files or folders. In case you drag it to the playlist view songs will be added to the playlist. In case you drag files to the player view, songs will be added to the bottom of the playlist and the first song of last added will start to play.

Open songs - Lyrics Player


In case a song has any lyrics text will appear on the screen. 

To change lyrics font size use your trackpad zoom in or zoom out .

Also, you can change lyrics font in Menu -> Format -> Font and alignment in Menu -> Format -> Text. In order to see the effect lyrics view must be active. The light color border should be visible as an indicator.

To reset lyrics style go to Menu -> Format -> Font -> Reset style.

To add new lyrics start typing in lyrics view or paste some text. In case you have some unsaved changes lyrics buttons will appear at the bottom of lyrics view. Press Save lyrics to save it or Reset to reset changes.

In case you add some lyrics and try to switch to another song without saving, an alert will appear. The same alert will appear when you try to close the app.

Add / Edit Lyrics - Lyrics Player


Playlist displays track metadata title or file name in case the title is missing.

To start playing the song from the playlist double-tap on any song.

To select specific songs you can select them using your trackpad. To select all songs in the playlist right-click and press Select All from the dropdown menu.

To change song name right-click on any song and select Edit Song Title from the dropdown menu. Note, that it will change track metadata title, not the file name.

To delete any songs from the playlist select it and press Delete on your keyboard. Alternatively, right-click on any song and select Delete Song from the dropdown menu.

To go to song location in Finder right-click on any song and select Show in Finder from the dropdown menu.

To save the playlist press the Save button at the bottom of the playlist view. Alternatively, right-click on any song and select Save Playlist from the dropdown menu.

To load the previously saved playlist press the Load button. Alternatively, right-click on any song and select Load Playlist from the dropdown menu.

To shuffle songs press the Shuffle button. Alternatively, right-click on any song and select Shuffle Playlist from the dropdown menu.

To add YouTube link press Add YouTube URL button. Alternatively, right-click on any song and selectAdd YouTube URL from the dropdown menu.

Playlist - Lyrics Player
Add YouTube URL - Lyrics Player

 Player / Playlist windows

To show or hide the Playlist window press  Playlist button. 

By default player and playlist windows are joined. It means that when you drag the player window the playlist will also change its position.

To change this behavior go to Menu -> Window and press Separate/Join windows depending on the current state.

On the next app launch, windows will open on the positions saved previously.

Separate windows - Lyrics Player

Preferences / Shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts to almost all Lyrics Player actions which you can also edit.

To see the Shortcuts window, go to LyricsPlayer -> Preferences.

Each shortcut has some default value which you can edit, delete or restore to default.

To edit a shortcut, press to any of them and press your custom key or keys. If there is no conflict your new shortcut will activates. Otherwise, “Conflict” label will appear and both edited shortcut and conflicted one will be disabled. To remove conflict, enter any other shortcut, delete shortcut or assign Default value.

Keyboard shortcuts - Lyrics Player

Buy / Restore

After the first install, you have 7 days to try LyricsPlayer with all its features.

After the trial period ends, you can still play music, but the lyrics won’t be displayed, and fade effects won’t be available. You can purchase LyricsPlayer by pressing the “Buy” button on any trial info alerts. Alternatively, go to Menu -> LyricsPlayer -> Buy in the app menu.

In case you bought LyricsPlayer previously with your Apple ID press the “Restore” button and your purchase will be restored.

In case you don’t know exactly whether you bought LyricsPlayer in the past or not, press Buy and start purchasing process. In case you bought LyricsPlayer previously, your purchase will be restored without any charging.

Buy or Restore - Lyrics Player